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Owen Plant writes oddly good music

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

You may know that Owen Plant is featured in this site which, despite massively low readership, attempts to give those of you that do read the skinny on what’s interesting or at least fun. Owen qualifies in both categories. He’s a reggae singer who writes folk songs with the sporadic vocal style of Cat Stevens, and something all his own in how he slices together a melody, picks out a harmony line and fits it all to a hard to pin down beat.

He has in the past said it’s OK if people like me push along his music toward people like you, so I’m going to today. This is a song from his an EP he recorded some time ago and gifted me with a copy when he was in Houston. It’s called “This is the One,” and the song is “We All.” I think it represents his style well, you guys may like it, and it’s good way to see if this thing can actually include files. Enjoy.Owen Plant – We All