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Search current site with JavaScript

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

You’re on some website, and you’re sure that the text you’re looking for is somewhere in the mess of pages. Problem: the site doesn’t have a search feature.

Bookmark the following link (right click, “Add to Favorites”) and you can search any page by going to that page, and then clicking the bookmark you make of the link below. The script will pop up a small window into which you can type your search term, and then see Google’s results for that page.

Search Current Site

Convert UNIX linefeeds to Windows end of line characters

Friday, August 10th, 2007

I needed a file to do this, so cooked up a twenty minute hack. I’m not expert in the ways of any programming language, but write code that’s designed to be easily read and modified. Here’s a good basic template as well as a useful utility for converting UNIX text files to Windows, including removal of linefeeds (CRLF in Windows, LF in UNIX, CR on a Mac) so that you can easily translate UNIX files to Windows and old-school (pre-OS X) Macintoshes. There are people selling utilities to do this, but why would you need one, if you’ve got Perl installed?

#!/usr/bin/perl --

### use command line argument or default
$targetdir = "./";
$targetdir = $ARGV[0];

### setup variables
my @contents = "";
my $contentscounter = 0;

### main execution

chdir $targetdir;

### functions

sub browseDir {

opendir (TARGETDIR, "./");
foreach my $file (sort readdir TARGETDIR) {
unless($file =~ m/^\./) {
if (-d $file) {
chdir $file;
chdir "../";
} # if directory file
else {
} # end else
} # end unless
} # foreach my file
close (TARGETDIR);
} # end browseDir

sub changeLF {

$targetfile = @_[0];

### load file into variable
open (TARGETFILE,"$targetfile") || die "Couldn't open targetfile: $!\n";
@contents = ;

### transform variable
foreach $fileline (@contents) {

### write file
open(TARGETFILE, ">$targetfile") || die "Cannot open targetfile: $!\n";
foreach $fileline (@contents) {
print TARGETFILE $fileline . "\r\n";

} # end ChangeLF