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Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

I have always enjoyed this holiday. Not really for the candy, which seems to be of low quality and high price at this point, but for the acceptance of the dark side. For one night, the dead and the living prowl together, uniting the worlds of shadow and light.

Get Code For Free From April 13-17, 2016

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016


Above: the author’s Amazon biography photo. Those who remember will recognize it.

So: tax season. Perhaps not so much fun as the name implies. To make it hurt less, I have set up an Amazon promotion for Code. The book will be free to download from April 13-17, 2016, during the peak of wanting to murder the glorified algebra worksheet that is your 1040.

In addition, to celebrate one year of the book’s release without banning or burning, the sale price has been reduced to the low price of $0.99, which once upon a time could get you a cup of coffee somewhere. Now it represents mere seconds of your workday translated into timeless entertainment value.

Code is not easy to describe. It is like a fusion of cyberpunk and William Blake, with more of the intrigue you might expect from journalism about hacking instead of the post-Matrix hype. It’s more War Games, Neuromancer and Cities of the Red Night than Blade Runner. Here’s the best I came up with:

People become hackers to escape the assumption that symbols are accurate. In “Code,” hackers explore a world created from text in the style of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books or early Infocom text-based games. Experimental fiction of the newest techniques and oldest traditions, “Code” — like its protagonists — takes you outside the boundaries of normal.

You can check out my new Amazon author page for Chris Blanc or check out Code.


Thursday, April 30th, 2015


Code explores the reasons why people become hackers. Written in a style that resembles text-based video games or books where you can choose actions for the characters to follow, this cryptic tale explores the separation between symbol and reality. Through the eyes of people caught in the hacker underground a reader can look at human civilization from outside of it, where laws and morals have given way to the atavistic struggle for power.

The book is available in Kindle format on Amazon.


Code takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the ebook medium. Inspired by “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, the video game Myst and Infocom text-adventure games of the early 1980s, it invites the reader to navigate a virtual world where a group of hackers try to interpret a message of unknown origin that may reveal the adversary who has invisibly hacked them. Experience the paranoia and thrill of discovery as you raid, bluff, spoof, forge, hack and fight your way across a new strange world.

Investigating the methods and motivations behind intrusions across cyberspace, Code wanders into the question of whether good intentions or good results warrant stepping outside of the intricate system of morals made to govern the human species. In doing so, it uncovers a layer of reality invisible to almost all of us, but which may decide our future.

Tufa: The Name Means Rock

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Back in 1995, Bill Batchelor thought he could make a film funnier than Hollywood’s best efforts. Only difference was that Bill was using one-three-thousandth the budget of films at the time. The result, “Tufa: The Name Means Rock,” was a sizzling satire of rock and roll culture and the eternally larval immature humans it produces. You can download it now in .AVI or .MPG format, DRM-free and contract free, from this page.

Tufa: The Name Means Rock (movie)