Chris Blanc: Play and Projects: Tufa

Tufa: The Name Means Rock

an independent film by Var Tufa Productions

It's 1979 in Cape Festus, Missouri and TUFA, the last known practitioners of midwestern rock, have just broken up. So what do you do when the music's over?

Lock yourself indoors with bassist Timmy, his seventeen hamsters, and the constant nagging of his God-fearing mother.

Hitch a ride with singer/poet Ulrich in search of the California dream, only to meet talent producer Mr. Jasper Crisco, king of "buddy pictures."

Panic with drummer Al, who after an accidental brush with the law becomes the object of an imaginary three-state manhunt.

TUFA is a rock 'n' roll comedy about what happens when life peaks early on.

16 mm/color

Director: William Batchelor
Producers: Scott Murphy, Lenny Paccione, William Batchelor

Executive Producer: Frank Batchelor
Writers: William Batchelor, Robert Coffman

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